Moneybags galore

September 14 2016

An enthusiastic minister of state for mining in a BJP-led state went for a surprise inspection of a steel plant. Mr Minister wanted to make sure no labour laws were being violated in the plant. The plant belongs to a big industrialist with political clout. When Mr Minister reached the gates of the plant with his entourage for the sudden inspection, he was made to stop there. He wasn’t allowed to enter despite him saying he was a minister with the government. After a lot of back and forth, the industrialist arrived at the gates, where he had a heated argument with the minister and there was some pushing and shoving as well. The industrialist scolded the minister and said he had no business going there without permission. He then called the chief minister while standing at the gates; the chief minister asked to speak to the minister and then scolded his own minister over the phone. “How did you go there without informing me? Come back immediately.” Mr Minister came back shame-facedly. But who will return his lost respect?

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