Mohalla clinic and Delhi politics

December 15 2015

Arvind Kejriwal, who rose to power on mohalla politics, seems to be cued in to the expectations of the people of Delhi. Sources say that as soon as Kejriwal got information that a popular party member had taken Rs 2 crore from a Mumbai-based business house in the name of getting a tender from Delhi Jal Board, he came forward and cancelled the tender himself. At present, an official with revenue services, Suresh Kumar Jain, is the apple of his eye. He is not only the chief minister’s OSD, but also the secretary of the power department, and has big responsibility as director and secretary, vigilance. The other special thing is that this official has also worked with the chief minister’s wife Sunita Kejriwal, and they are good friends, too. At present, Kejriwal’s focus is on mohalla clinics. Built on 65-sq metres, these mohalla clinics will treat people free of cost and will give medicines for free, too. The first such clinic is already operational in Delhi’s Piragarhi area. Kejriwal’s plan is to make 1,000 such clinics in Delhi. In short, the preparations are on to ensure the voters can’t see beyond AAP.

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