Modi’s US trip

September 21 2014

In his five-day trip to the US, Narendra Modi may act more like a company’s CEO rather than a head of state. During his 5 five-day trip between September 26-30, Modi will be meeting the chiefs of five Transnational Corporations with combined worth of more than half a $ trillion. On September 29, American President Barack Obama will organize a dinner for him at the White House in his honour, where bilateral ties will be discussed. Nripendre Misra principal secretary to PM , took a meeting of 15 senior secretaries on August 29 to review the Bilateral Agenda, while National Security Advisor Ajit Doval reviewd the Defence and Security ties on September 5. Modi will speak at the UN General Assembly on the 26th, will address the Indian community at Madison Square Gardens on September 28, for which Modi’s close confidantes Bharatlal and party secretary Ram Madhav are working hard. On September 29, Modi will meet Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as the governor of North Carolina, Nikki Randhawa Haley. Apart from these, he will also meet Boeing Corporation ’s Chairman James McNerney, GE’s Chairman Jeffrey Immelt , IBM’s Virginia Rommety, Blackrock’s Chairman Laurence Fink and Goldman Sachs’ Chairman Lloyd Fink. He will also meet the heads of Master Card, Pepsi, Abbot Pharma, and on September 30, American Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry will organize a luncheon for the visiting Prime Minister.

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