Modi’s pinup trending

October 13 2014

The elections in Haryana are special for several reasons and are different from other elections. The urban areas in the state have changed, thanks to malls and multinationals there. Consequently, the urban population has changed the rules of the game where election campaigning in concerned. The usual publicity material such as banners, posters and flags have been replaced by wrist bands, mobile covers, stickers, T-shirts and women’s hair clips bearing the party’s logo. The young population supporting INLD are seen wearing bands, mobile covers and glasses. On the other hand, women supporting the BJP can be seen wearing clips bearing the lotus sign. In his Lok Sabha campaigning, Narendra Modi had made the lotus pin-up fairly popular. In the coming Assembly elections in Haryana, party candidates, their supporters and even those contesting independently can be seen flaunting the pin-ups.

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