Modi’s one mistake

August 30 2015

It is also relevant to ask why the Patidar-Patel community, which was once against reservation, felt a need to fight for reservation now. In a way, this entire Patel uprising can be considered a byproduct of Modi’s “Ekla chalo” (walk alone) form of politics. After one-and-a-half years of Modi relinquishing Gujarat’s top post, the real picture of Gujarat’s development model is in danger of being revealed. Economists feel this entire development model has no employment opportunities; what’s more, there is no discussion on what happened to the state’s agriculture growth either. These Patidar Patels were hugely reliant on agriculture, but there is a drastic shortage of cultivable land in the state – what with more and more land being given to industrial houses for manufacturing facilities and factories. The rate of unemployment has consequently increased in the community, and they have started migrating to towns and cities in search of work. But since the community does not have a very good education rate, they aren’t getting jobs either. Under Hardik Patel’s leadership then, the community members are asking for reservations.

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