Modi’s media management

April 26 2015

Leading the anti-Modi stance in India, the owners of one of India’s biggest media houses, went to meet the prime minister. This channel with its “Nation wants to know” loop will see its head finish his tenure in November. Sources reveal that Modi spoke to these desi media moghuls without mincing any words and said, “Your channel and media house is projecting my image as a pro-capitalist, and that is not a good thing. As you know, my approach has always been pro-people.” The big timers laid down their arms in front of the prime minister and said, “We don’t interfere with our news channels and newspapers on a daily basis. It will be nice if you can suggest a few names for senior positions in our news channel and newspapers. They will be able to give the correct view of the government and we are willing to hire them.” The offer was a good one and is now taking shape.

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