Modi’s long coat for Rs 12 lakh

May 09 2015

Who knows how to use words as weapons better than Modi? Thus, when his expensive clothes became a controversy, the ever clever and witty Modi quipped that he has a God-given talent when it comes to “designer sense”. This time while on his tour to Germany, France and Canada, he realised in Paris it will get much colder in Berlin and Ottawa. The responsibility of arranging warm clothes was given to an industrialist he is close to. Sources say that keeping in mind the Prime Minister’s designer taste, a dozen or so coats and long coats from prominent Italian designer Lorno Piana’s store at Avenue Montaigne were brought to Hotel Plaza Athenee where he was staying. The clothes cost between euro 4,000 and 20,000. The coat that the Prime Minister liked along with a scarf cost about Rs 12 lakh in Indian rupees. The Prime Minister later wore the long coat in Berlin and Canada and got rave reviews for his dressing sense. Democracy in India is truly one where fates change fast.

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