Modi’s Israel trip a jinxed

September 27 2015

Prime Minister Modi’s Israel trip has been postponed for the third time. The Israeli government, too, is surprised at this, since the country has been considering India its natural ally ever since the NDA came into power. Against this backdrop, several important Defence and security deals also took place between India and Israel. Sources say this time Modi postponed the proposed Israel trip after a sensitive report by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. According to sources, the report claimed if Modi went to Israel this time, he would have to face Obama’s ire. That is because things are tense between Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama. Things have gone wrong ever since Obama was contesting for the presidential elections for the first time and Netanyahu had openly spoken out against him. Israel is also pretty upset with Obama’s current policy regarding Palestine. Apart from this, about 14 ambassadors of West Asian countries in New Delhi had met with Modi and had expressed that if India is going to openly woo Israel, the Arab nations will also have to reconsider his friendly status with India. Sources say that the ambassadors of Qatar and Saudi Arabia went to the extent of telling Modi that their countries will then have to consider whether they will invest in India or not. With so much pressure from all sides, Modi’s proposed trip to Israel was put on the backburner.

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