Modi’s global effect

November 02 2014

Ever since Modi has taken the seat at the Centre, yoga and spirituality have attained a global attention. The prestigious Harvard University has formed a separate department for research in yoga. NRI Dr Hrishabh Mishra has been made the head of the department. The United Nations has already decided on promoting and propagating International Yoga Day on a big scale. A big conference on Ayurveda will be held in Italy soon. Under Dattatreya Hosbole’s leadership, a team of Sangh leaders is already promoting Hindutva in Europe. Sangh leaders such as Ram Vaid in London have been working for Sangh for a long time. Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson has been so impressed with Sangh’s philosophy that he has raised his voice against banning beef. Branson also seems to be deeply impressed with Modi and believes that banning beef will have a positive impact on the environment because it is not eco-friendly.

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