Modi vs Gandhi

June 10 2013

People from the Advani camp who did not attend the BJP’s working committee’s meeting in Goa citing different reasons, didn’t bother Modi too much. Actually, Modi’s biggest worry is about UP, where he fought several voice and made Amit Shah the head of the party. Modi knows the relevance of each leader in UP. He also knows that the young party leader Varun Gandhi not only has his finger on UP’s pulse but also has the power to change the political winds in the state. So, just four days before Varun left for foreign lands, Modi called him up and invited him to come to Gandhinagar. This meeting of the two may probably take place after Varun comes back to India. Varun went to Switzerland with his wife on June 4, and will reach London after a week. By then mother Maneka Gandhi will also have reached London, and the family will spend a week in London and be back in India on June 18.

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