Modi upset with Krishnapal

November 15 2014

It is said that Narendra Modi is fairly upset with Krishnapal Gujjar. The group opposing Gujjar claims that because his son did not get a ticket for the Assembly elections from Tigaon in Faridabad, he was upset and worked against prominent party members during the elections. On the other hand, when the party emerged as the single-biggest party, he asked Sushma Swaraj to nominate him for the chief minister’s post. But the party high command did not even care to consider his name. What did happen, however, is that the party got a chance to analyse how much Gujjar had contributed to the party’s win. Upon the analysis, it was found that in his own home constituency of Mevla-Maharajpur, the BJP got a mere 16 votes and the party got a total of 146 votes from the seven villages that have a Gujjar majority. Modi wanted to show him the way out from the Cabinet, but sensing the importance of Gujjar votes in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, Modi has merely changed his department for now. Gujjar’s fate will be decided after the results of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections are out.

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