Modi targets news traders

May 11 2014

For the past nine-10 years, Ruchir Gupta of Morgan Stanley takes a group of national and international journalists on an intensive tour of India for a deep analysis and study of Indian elections. For the 2014 General Elections, too, Joshi went to the interiors of Bihar and UP with his group of national-international journalists. The group included Indian journalists such as Suman Dubey, Prannoy Roy, Shekhar Gupta and M K Venu. When the group reached Hajipur in Bihar, a Narendra Modi rally was on in support of Ram Vilas Paswan. The group of journalists was made to sit in the front row and Modi was just about to finish his speech when he saw Prannoy Roy and Shekhar Gupta sitting in the front row and he took control of the mike once more. He then addressed the public saying, “Beware of these media traders.” The group was shocked and contacted Amit Shah as soon as it reached Varanasi and started to offer clarifications. Amit Shah assured them that Modi never does politics with ill-feelings or revenge.

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