Modi sings a new tune

April 26 2015

Change is the only constant. With time, change views and perspectives. The prime minister’s changed stance conveyed this to the BJP members of Parliament and ministers as well. Now the classroom wore a new look and not only was Modi singing a new tune, his body language was different, too. The Prime Minister was being nice to his saffron party Parliamentarians when he said, “You are like my hands, and you all are my diamonds.” Until now, these meetings would have the PM talk in sarcasm and annoyance. For instance, “It’s not easy to talk to you people, you people don’t even understand, looks like you don’t want the party ticket next time.” All in all, Modi’s stance used to be aggressive. When this group of MPs came out after the address by the prime minister, a senior minister said to his Maharashtra counterpart, “We are his hands and diamonds after the Delhi loss; if we lose Bihar, Mr Prime Minister might want to hug us.” As they say, there is no permanence in politics.

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