Modi government ready for Rahul

July 05 2015

If playing with fire means the danger of getting burnt, the Opposition parties will have to display the art of dodging flames and fire. That is because the Modi government has prepared its strategy for giving it back to the Congress prince. Along with a few of its associate parties, the Congress has decided that it will not let the monsoon session of the Parliament function from July 21, until Sushma, Smriti, Vasundhara and Pankaja’s resignations don’t come in. The strategists in the Modi government have also come to a conclusion that no resignations will happen based on trial by media, and the government would rather struggle against the Opposition rather than throw in the towel. The government, too, has made its preparations to put the Congress against the wall, has got its details about Rahul’s foreign trips, the financial details of the same have also been got, and the agencies attached to the finance ministry are giving final touches to the legal aspects of this. It is possible that the income tax department might serve a notice to Rahul about it, and the ED might call him to the office regarding the same. Several matters related to Robert Vadra might also come to light. All in all, the monsoon session will see the Congress attacking the government, with the government ready to reply adequately.

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