Modi goes on back foot

December 01 2016

The political corridors were buzzing with the news that PM will address the Rajya Sabha on currency ban this Friday. A few news channels and agencies broadcasted the news incessantly, day in and day out. It started doing the rounds on social media by Friday evening, but nothing of that sort happened. If a source associated with the PM is to be believed, he formed a committee with of his 80 reliable officers and sent them to different states in order to find out the effect of defunct high value currency notes. It is expected that those officers will hand over the reports after returning to Delhi, then those reports will be analysed by a core team on Saturday. The Prime Minister will prepare his speech after understanding the mood of the masses on currency ban and apparently face the opposition in the Parliament on Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps Modi wants to armour himself fully before he accepts the challenge posed by opposition parties.

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