Modi became the ‘Benaraswala’

June 29 2014

Despite voices of discontent from several corners of the party, Narendra Modi has made all preparations to crown his closest confidante Amit Shah as the party president. Several prominent leaders in the Sangh and the BJP didn’t want the ‘Gujaratisation’ of the saffron party. These people believe that the BJP is a cowbelt party, has a north Indian roots and should have significant representation from the Hindi-speaking belt. To this Modi said, “Atal ji may have been born in Madhya Pradesh but the people always considered him to be from Uttar Pradesh.” On similar lines, Modi wants that he be called as UP-wala because he is a MP from Varanasi. There is a chance of Amit Shah’s name being announced for the party’s top post and it is hoped that Shah will give more importance to party satraps from the states, and will concentrate on the six states where Assembly elections will be held soon. Sources close to Modi also says that is it likely that he may make the announcements of a Cabinet reshuffle and the new party president with a gap of two-three days. The Budget Session is due to start on July 7 and it is possible that this takes place before the session or after the Budget has been presented.


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