Modi and Muslim

May 11 2014

Modi may well know that the polarization of Muslim votes that is happening may not be in his favour, but he hasn’t given up hope. He kept trying to assure the Muslim community that he is not against Muslims and they he wants to see in the Muslim youth’s hands both the Quran and the computer. Apart from this, a group of Muslim businessmen were going around in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and telling Muslim communities in other states how the Muslims are prospering in Modi’s rule. They had also made short films to show how minorities are doing well there and showed them pictures through projectors. The films have also shown the voices of the Muslim youth and stress is laid on the fact that apart from their religion, Muslims will also be given a chance to improve their future. The attempts may not have converted Muslim votes in Modi’s favour but a degree of flexibility has sure happened in their views of him.

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