Mistake number two

September 06 2015

Senior leader of Maharashtra Congress Ashok Chavan invested a lot of time to create a roadmap for breathing life back into the party in the state. And then he went to Rahul to talk about it. Both leaders spoke for around 45 minutes, and Rahul really liked Chavan’s idea that if these strategies were implemented, the party might reemerge as a contender in the state. After this, Chavan told Rahul that for the work plan to succeed, they will have to take Narayan Rane into confidence, because he was still a prominent OBC leader in the state. Rahul asked with surprise, “There were talks about his leaving the party. Is he still with the Congress?” Surprised, Chavan answered softly, “He is very much in the party and his son is a Congress MLA.” After keeping quiet for a few moments, Rahul said, “Leave Rane aside, you take Rajiv Satav along with you. He is a very dynamic leader and I have heard you and he don’t get along nowadays. Chavan replied with some irritation, “What are you saying? I got him the Lok Sabha ticket this time; otherwise could he have become the MP this time?” Obviously, when Chavan emerged from the meeting, his face showed expressions of being peeved.

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