Mishra’s missiles

December 21 2014

No less than 177 countries have supported the World Yoga Day on June 21, an initiative that Narendra Modi and the Sangh have been trying to pull off for some time now. Happy with this, non-resident Indian business man Anshuman Mishra, who is also said to be close to the Sangh, wrote a letter to the prime minister and made a demand saying that all major airports and railway stations in India should have a ‘yoga room’. According to him, it is not an irrelevant demand because all airports in Middle East countries have a prayer room for Muslims and the same is done in the airports in Japan, where there is a prayer room in all airports. Not just this, the airports in San Francisco, Albuquerque, Dallas, Chicago and Raleigh Airport in North Carolina in the US already have yoga rooms. The same facility is there in the Helsinki airport. North Carolina, which is heavy Bible belt and a catholic dominated state in the US has a meditation room as well as a yoga room in its Raleigh airport. One step ahead, Anshuman Mishra, who was once close to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is also asking the prime minister for a Zen room for Buddhists in Indian Railways stations and airports. Now it is up to the prime minister to gauge the extent of spirituality and politics in these demands.

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