Miraculous Ayurvedic Solution

May 26 2020

While the country was facing an unprecedented corona crisis everyone was missing the man with a remedy to all problems, Baba Ramdev. The problem with Baba Ramdev is that now he is more of a Business Guru than a Yoga Guru. Baba Ramdev all of sudden incarnated with his new business plan. This time it was in Madhya Pradesh where CM Shivaraj Singh Chohan, health minister Narottam Mishra and all senior medical officers of the state were present for the video conferencing with Baba. Baba Ramdev started with praising CM Shivraj for his outstanding efforts to contain corona infection against the ground reality in Madhya Pradesh which in fact is competing with most corona affected Maharashtra in terms of the infection spread. Most clean city Indore and capital Bhopal have made records in registering single day positive cases. Baba came to his business plan and announced that Patanjali has come up with a miraculous Kadha ‘Trikoot’ which will boost the body immunity. Now Shivraj govt seems to be determined to make the miraculous ayurvedic solution to 2 crore people in MP.

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