Ministers avoiding the media

October 22 2015

The Supreme Court striking down the 99th Amendment and the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act as unconstitutional on Friday created a lot of brouhaha in political circles. It is worth mentioning here that through the act, the government had done away with the 22-year-old collegiums system. After the court’s decision, the media too went into an overdrive and people from the fraternity started to call former Law Minister Kapil Sibal. When his phone remained unanswered, the media people went and camped outside his house. OB vans of news channels also parked outside his residence. A troubled and worried Sibal then called up the editors of newspapers and news channels saying the bill hadn’t been passed when he was the law minister, and thus it should be Ravi Shankar Prasad whom they should get a byte from. Thereafter the media people made contact with the present Law Minister Sadananda Gowda, because even Ravi Shankar Prasad was unavailable. But Gowda made it clear to the media people that he will not give his reaction until he has had a talk with the prime minister and a senior minister in the government. By then the journalists had got a whiff of the fact that this same all-powerful minister had worked out the entire NJAC Act details, but who could ask him to give his views. The same minister, however, helped the journalists with their angst; sources say he told Ravi Shankar Prasad to present his views of the media. It was only after this that the journalists got a decent byte.

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