Miffed with Anurag

March 13 2016

Himachal Pradesh is aghast that due to personal differences between two political families, the opportunity to host the India-Pakistan 20-20 match in Dharamshala has been lost and gone to Kolkata. Sources say Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s grouse against Anurag Thakur is that he makes even a cricket match in Himachal into a party event. Whenever there is an international match there, the entire town is chock-a-bloc with posters, courtesy Thakur, and which have big photos of father and son (Dhumal and Thakur). Virbhadra’s complain is that Thakur tries to get political mileage of even a cricket match. Why doesn’t someone who likes Anurag tell him as much?

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