Meghawal Vs Nihaal

March 15 2015

Things have come to loggerheads between two saffron leaders Arjun Meghwal and Minister of State Nihal Chand. Both these ministers come from the Meghwal community in Rajasthan and are dalits. Arjun Meghwal’s ache is not becoming a Minister in the Central Cabinet. Meghwal claims that he would make a better minister than Nihal Chand as he has a prior experience of running the civil system with his civil services background. As far as Nihal Chand is concerned, though he does not enjoy the support of Vasundhara Raje, he has the blessings of Om Mathur – powerful leader in BJP and also a close associate of Modi. According to sources, Meghwal met and allegedly informed several top leaders of BJP about Nihal Chand’s undeclared huge land holdings. It is understood that he also gave a list of the lands to the leaders. On his part, Nihal Chand also met some senior party leaders and allegedly complained that he has been receiving crap messages from a mobile that has been registered in his (Nihal’s) name, and that he feels that Meghwal is the hand behind this conspiracy. Now, efforts are on to reconcile the two warring heads before the news gets leaked into the media.

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