Meet Laddoo Gopal

November 30 2015

A prominent Sangh leader Krishna Gopal is facing opposition from within the organization. Sources say that a few days ago, several regional pracharaks of the Sangh met with Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat and Bhaiyaji Joshi and complained that Krishna Gopal’s voice is drowning in the clamour raised by Shah-Modi-Jaitley. Despite being backed by the Sangh, the Sanghathan minister Krishna Gopal is unable to carve that niche for himself that Sangh’s heavyweight Madandas Devi had made for himself during Vajpayi’s regime. Not just Devi, in the days to come, Suresh Soni, who held the same post, forced the BJP leadership to bow down on several occasions; instances of these can be seen during the times when Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singh were party presidents. The swayamsevaks have now given Krishna Gopal a new name – Laddoo Gopal, whose entire focus nowadays is only on the human resources and development ministry. Sources say that most of the applications being sent by Krishna Gopal nominating names for appointment of vice-chancellors in various universities are being approved by the HRD Minister Smriti Irani. Obviously, Krishna Gopal considers it a big win for himself and the Sangh. It is believed that when the top leadership of the Sangh tried to explain things to Krishna Gopal, he showed his displeasure at it and said that despite him taking over as the Sangathan minister, Suresh Soni is still extremely capable of giving the BJP a clear idea of Sangh’s expectations and is pretty active in doing it, too. Sources say that to show his displeasure, Krishna Gopal had even offered to resign, but it became a catch 22 situation for the Sangh. They were neither in a position to accept it, nor refuse it.

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