Media House: She to He?

March 19 2017

A huge media house that always batted for the Congress seems to be poised to change hands soon. When to top boss of the company met the richest man in the country, Mukesh Ambani recently, she had a proposal. And since that day rumours have been rife about the impending change of hands. Knowledgeable insiders tell us that at the moment it is all stuck on the price. Bees are humming that whereas Ambani wants to set the purchase price of the company as the sum total of the current value of its shares in the market, the lady is insisting on a larger amount, which must include its name, brand value and goodwill. At the moment the proposal is in the freezer. Meanwhile, the lady has started a new startup company and shifted all her top paid and senior-most employees to its rolls, though they are all doing just what they had been doing. It is estimated that this will help hike the profit ratio of the media company and its share value will take a pole vault. Any startup enjoys a five-year tax holiday, so the media company will reap that benefit as well and improve its stature in the share market, which will force Ambani to re-evaluate the company’s price he would have to pay.

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