Maya’s masterstroke in Kairana

May 14 2018

Mayawati has well-equipped herself with the latest trends of politics. Now neither her political tactics nor her heart is anymore in stringent straits. The flexibility maybe seemingly new but this time her presence was felt on the turf of Karnataka as well and her alliance with JD(S) in the assembly polls was an indication of her new open-armed approach.
When the Samajwadi Party and Janta Dal were tussling over who will field their contender from Kairana and Noorpur constituencies, whilst Akhilesh Yadav was firm on SP contesting from Kairana and JD from Noorpur and Jayant Chaudhary was not convinced with his stand – on which Yadav’s solution was JD should merge with SP to field their contender – ‘Behenji’ played a masterstroke.
As soon as Maya got to know of the difference of opinion that was shaping up, she rung up Akhilesh and said, “Let Janta Dal have Kairana. The election symbol will be of JD, but the contender will be that of SP. Otherwise if by any chance the contender ends up facing defeat here, both SP and BSP will lose their Phulpur-Gorakhpur victory momentum. So its better to let Janta Dal be on the front of Kairana. If they win, they’ll return favour by joining hands with us in 2019, and if they lose nothing will be on our stake. Plus, this way they’ll not be able to ask for much from us in 2019.”
Akhilesh well received Maya’s message and also understood that ‘Behenji’ is on fire to make a comeback.

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