Maya-Mulayam Grand Alliance

March 28 2017

Birds from Mulayam Singh’s garden tell us that the top honcho in the Mayawati camp, Satish Mishra and Mulayam had a meeting for over close to one hour recently. As expected, both the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party are down in the dumps after the licking in the UP state polls. Top leaders of the two parties apparently feel that if they do not make a fresh beginning even now, then both will be uprooted in the 2019 General Elections. It is said that it was Mulayam who took the first step and spoke to Mayawati, who then sent her trusted lieutenant Mishra to meet the SP (M) boss. Both of them agreed to leave behind the past animus and unite. Mishra, however, had the apprehension that if ‘Behenji’ takes such a step, the Centre might file a few CBI cases against her for corruption. But the old war horse Mulayam shot back: “There are many more such cases against me.” Mishra was convinced, but said that Amar Singh should be nowhere around in this deal, and Mulayam said, “Thine will be done!”

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