Manoj Ladwa’s Modi connection

November 23 2015

Remember that grand Modi show at Wembley, London, this time? Somewhere along the line, Manoj Ladwa emerged as a crucial organizer for this event, who also played a big role in giving a form to Modi’s election campaign in 2014. Sources say the same Gujarati industrialist who is considered to be a close confidante of Modi’s also had a part to play in the success of the “Wembley show”. One of his companies is also located in Dubai, and sources claim that the big cash for the show came from this same office in Dubai. Sources say that Ladwa also went to Dubai to settle the accounts after the grand show got over. It is worth mentioning here that Ladwa has been associated with Modi since 2003, and had a crucial role in organizing the Vibrant Gujarat event. Ladwa’s Sangh connection is also an old one, and he is a member of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh’s (HSS) Britain chapter. It is also said that he has the ability to extract huge sums of money from the NRI community in the name of charity. Ladwa raised a lot of money through HSS for the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, and the Odisha cyclone of 1999. The entire amount was sent to India through an arm of the Sangh, Seva Bharti. A big portion of Ladwa’s income is from his PR and lobbying company, Saffron Chase; Ladwa founded this company along with his friend Vikas Pota. It is worth noting that Pota is also a member of the HSS in London. Sources also reveal that Ladwa and Pota’s Saffron Chase is also a counterpart of APCO in London. APCO is the same American company that gave an edge to Modi’s election campaign, right from Vibrant Gujarat days. Sources also say that in 2001, the Indian embassy had also taken the services of Ladwa’s company to woo Labour Party and Tony Blair, and the results were positive.

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