Maneka wins hearts

June 12 2016

In today’s political scenario, where political leaders are wary of giving their opinion about issues related to the public, Gandhi family’s younger daughter-in-law, and Central Minister for Women and Child Welfare Maneka Gandhi speaking up for mute animals is not something that goes unnoticed. Sources say forest and environment ministry is ready to take back its orders of culling animals in several states. According to sources, the prime minister who has returned from a tour of five countries, took notice of the incident and has given a stern dressing down to his minister Prakash Javdekar. According to the investigative report given to the prime minister, the Muslim hunters from Hyderabad, who have been given the contract to cull the nilgai (Asian antelope) by the Bihar government, have a tarnished past and they are somehow connected to poaching. Blamed for spoiling the crop of farmers, the nilgai was announced as being a vermin and more than 250 of them were culled in Bihar alone. This does not go with BJP’s image, since it is ready to capitalize on the beef politics in UP. At the same time, a professional service was paid to kill more than 200 wild boars. In Gujarat, the peacock, which is our national bird, was killed mercilessly, and there is permission in Himachal to kill monkeys. In West Bengal, it is all right to kill elephants. Do we need a bigger example of inhumanity being made a legal right?

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