Mamta’s eyes on Tirath

June 06 2021

Uttarakhand’s newly-launched Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat is not getting enough time to breathe. He has left his Lok Sabha membership and has become the latest Chief Minister but by this August 10, he has to win the assembly election, only then he can continue as the CM of the state even further. Then the very next year the state also has to go to the assembly elections, that is, Tirath will have to fight another election. At the same time, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who has lost the election from Nandigram, will also have to win the assembly election from any seat of the state within 6 months. However, TMC MLA Shobhandeb Chattopadhyay of Bhawanipur, Kolkata has resigned from his Assembly membership to make Didi’s path easier. But TMC is always doubting about the role of the Election Commission, what will happen to Didi if the Commission does not conduct elections in the state within 6 months citing Corona? But now Trinamool is eyeing Tirath Singh Rawat where the CM is also to be elected before August 10. So if Uttarakhand elections are not postponed then how can Bengal’s be postponed? So, Didi will have her pilgrimage on the name of Rawat.

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