Mamta-Yechury share same stage

May 26 2020

All non-BJP parties are coming on the same page to fight the corona crisis. A virtual meeting was held in which most opposition party leaders and chief ministers participated and dwelled on building a common agenda which they would repeatedly raise in front of central govt. The ‘Common Agenda’ theory was put forward by West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerji. But since PM Modi not only himself did an aerial survey of West Bengal to see the damage by Amphan cyclone but also gave a Rs 1000 crore package for the state, Mamta didn’t directly target PM Modi but substituted it with central govt. She said the central govt is not respecting the federal structure of the country so all opposition parties should collectively repeatedly raise the common agenda in front of the central govt. Congress, on its end, targeted Modi govt of mishandling the migrant crisis. CPM leader Sitaram Yechury raised the issue of free grains & food and MSP purchase in the meeting. What surprised everybody was that both Yechury and Mamta not only shared the platform but also the line of action. Both stressed on raising the common agenda. SP and BSP, often targeted as the B team of BJP, kept a safe distance from this opposition exercise.  

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