Mamta caught in Modi’s web

March 31 2021

If you remember, just three or four days ago, in his Bengal rally, PM threw a new jibe that ‘last time the election of Bengal was announced on 3 March, it seems that the election notification will be issued on 7 March this time. This raises the question as to if a veteran leader like Modi was unaware that a notification for the assembly elections could be issued some 10 days before he anticipated or did he shrewdly run his political stance, and in this stunt, rivals like Mamata were caught. If sources are to be believed, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had a long list of lukewarm announcements and with the PM’s speech, Didi’s people made the wrong assumption that they had 10 more days left to make announcements. But as soon as the press conference of the Election Commission convened on Friday, Mamata’s strategists were left dumbstruck as the Election Commission did not give them a chance to think anything. The announcement of voting in 8 phases in Bengal is a declaration of the rigid plans of the central government. That is, phase-by-phase elections in Bengal will be held under the vigilant eyes of the central teams, i.e. there is complete preparation to put brakes on the unbridled plans of the Trinamool cadre. As it is, the BJP has made the Bengal election its prestige issue and if sources are to be believed, the Center can notify the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act at any time after the end of the Assam elections, i.e. after April 6 and sources reveal that for the remaining 5 stages of West Bengal ‘CAA’ can be a big issue. Even in Assam, the BJP is confident that it can form a government again because the opposition is quite scattered there. After the agreement between Congress and Badruddin Ajmal in AIUDF, the BJP is confident that there can be large-scale polarization of votes and Hindu votes can fall in BJP’s kitty here. At the same time, Congress also has no charismatic leader like Tarun Gogoi, his son Gaurav Gogoi is very young and he lacks experience. Apart from this, with all the parties like Bodo People’s Front, Asgaman Parishad, AASU being in the fray, there is a danger of opposition votes being split, BJP can take advantage of this situation.

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