Mamata’s Patel connection

August 23 2014

Sources reveal that the Changi Airport Company took it upon itself to take care of and host Mamata Banerjee’s big delegation. That is because during the Communist rule in West Bengal, the Changi Airport Authority had got the tender to develop a big airport in Andal, Durgapur near Bardhaman, all with efforts from then Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. As leader of the Opposition, Mamata Banerjee had then made it her duty to oppose the airport. Changi’s associate company in West Bengal belongs to Utsav Parekh, who had been a share broker in the past. His son is married to Prafful Patel’s daughter and when the deal between Parekh and Changi was finalized, Patel was the civil aviation minister with the UPA-2. It is believed this is the natural reason for Patel’s interest in the deal. Mamata has had good relations with Sharad Pawar and Prafful Patel. So, the two may have a role to play in having her go on the trip. On the other hand, the BJP is looking at Mamata’s Singapore trip in a different way. The saffron party feels this may be a way to route the Rs 2,000 crore (Saradha Scam money) outside India. BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh had already given his statements about this. All in all, Bengal politics may see a lot of upheaval because of Mamata’s Singapore trip.

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