Mallya’s here, and you’re looking…?

June 20 2016

He is pretending to have soured his relations with the absconder industrialist Vijay Mallya, but it is because of this influential minister at the Centre that Mallya is living a respectable life in London. Not just that, he is making his presence felt in public events there. A few days ago, the book release of a big Delhi lobbyist was sponsored by Mallya in London. The best part about this is that the Indian embassy was the co-sponsor of this event. What was also surprising was the presence of British Education Minister Joe Johnson at the event. Mallya was seen talking informally not only with Indian High Commissioner Navtej Sarna, but officials of the Indian foreign ministry were also seen running circles around him. But with Indian banks looking for Mallya through politically-tinted binoculars, Mallya’s strutting around in style seems to be justified, too.

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