Malhotra to become Governor

June 01 2014

As soon as Narendra Modi took over as the Nizam in Delhi, no less than 18 governors felt their hearts skip a beat. Most of these governors are old Congresspersons and are considered to be loyal to 10, Janpath. Sources reveal that either veteran Delhi BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra or Yashwant Sinha may be appointed Karnataka governor in place of Hansraj Bharadwaj. It is worth mentioning here that Bharadwaj’s tenure ends on June 28, 2014, and had been appointed as Karnataka Governor on June 29, 2009. A governor’s tenure is for five years but if the Central government wants, it can let the governor go before that after prior permission from the President. Similarly, Gujarat’s Governor Kamla Beniwal, who had given a tough time to Modi will end her tenure on June 24, Assam’s Janaki Ballabh Patnaik this December 10, Andhra Pradesh’s ESL Narasimhan on December 28, Haryana’s Jagannath Pahariya on July 26, and Uttar Pradesh’s Banwari Lal Joshi will retire on July 27. Apart from this, Himachal Pradesh’s Urmila Singh will retire on January 25, 2015, Maharashtra’s K. Sankaranarayanan on January 21, 2015, Shivraj Patil of Punjab on January 21, 2015 and West Bengal’s M K Narayanan is due to retire on January 22, 2015.

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