Mahajan’s Ire

December 05 2016

The otherwise friendly Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan gets pretty upset with members whose performances are not at par. In fact, she does give them a piece of her mind. Now, MPs dying to go on foreign tours as part of this or that committee is nothing new. But Mahajan insists that they cannot miss out on the already decided purpose of their visits. Recently, she summoned two such members to her chamber and gave them a dressing down. One of them is a young MP of the ruling Bharatiya Janata party from a Hindi heartland state, who had flown to Norway for a tour. But it is learnt that instead of attending the committee meetings, the gentleman was found most often roaming a known fashion street of Oslo.
The second case was that of a lady MP from another party, who had been to Israel and Australia. And she organised a big bash in her hotel room. Such was her frenzy that she got completely drunk and smashed things up her hotel room. The incident came to light when the hotel asked the Indian Embassy to cough up the repair charges for the damages. Mahajn wrapped her for this, saying that when an MP goes abroad, s/he represents the country, is the country’s ambassador. Hence, the image of the country also takes a beating. She made it very plain: MPs visiting foreign countries must be extra cautious about their activities, and in fact, she has also informed PM Modi about this.

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