Lucknow stadium in a quandary

February 05 2018

The newly constructed Ekana International Cricket Stadium in Lucknow has earned accolades from all over, and beyond a shade of doubt more than just passes muster in meeting internationally set norms of the ICC. It has drawn applause also for its architecture that blends with the capital of the former princely state of Avadh. Naturally, it was expected that the stadium would host at least five of the matches in the coming IPL edition. But Providence and Politics must have their own! Thus is that when the deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dinesh Sharma visited it with his entire battery of sycophants to review the completion, he went red in seeing the green colour on the walls. He threw such a massive tantrum at the colour that he actually blurted out: Why green… it is ‘their’ colour. And no one was left guessing who he meant. Anyway, he had to be placated, so in a huff, it was ordered that the outer walls be repainted with a biscuit hue. But repainting and entire massive stadium takes time, and as time passed by, the inspection team from IPL-BCCI went for a spot visit. They were shocked, to say the least, to see the part biscuit, part green stadium with bamboo poles sticking from all over. If the stadium has not even been handed over, how can matches be held there, the experts wondered! So now IPL matches in Lucknow are patched between biscuit and green, creating a deep shade of grey in the horizon.

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