Loudmouth’s Moneybag

February 20 2017

The nation has not heard the thundering “Nation Wants to Know” for a long time now. Famous News anchor has been turning from door to door to get his channel launched. Looking at his brand value, when he announced his resignation from english channel and set off with an investor, many others queued up at his table. He finally chose a Bengaluru investor who is not only a Rajya Sabha member but co-owns more than a couple of regional channels. The moneybag set up another company with his wife as a joint owner and put in Rs 50 crore as initial investment. No sooner, ‘The Nation Demands’ put in his financial projections on the table. It demanded a whopping Rs 500 crore. Of this, explained, Rs 200 crore would be needed as immediate investment, and then Rs 75 crore per year over the next four years, that is, another Rs 300 crore. At this the investor burst out, and said Rs 50 or 100 crore was more than enough to launch a channel. “Your 500 crore demand is absurd,” he reportedly said.
Cheesed off, he then took his Nation Demands brand to an automobile behemoth, but here too he failed to convince the man. He then reached up to the topmost industrialist of the country and said: “Why don’t you buy up my channel?” Pat came the response: “But where is your channel that you want me to buy?” So loudmouth said: “Why don’t you then become a silent partner and put in your money?” He drew a blank here too. So finally the famous anchor fell at the feet of the saffron party who had found enough favours in his erstwhile channel. It is learned that money is invested through foreign direct investors. So finally, scuttlebutt is that loudmouth has found the gold mine and his channel, first slated to launch in November last and then in January this year, will possibly launch in April. And hence, The Nation will earn back its right to know… phew!

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