Lost Lal

June 19 2017

Lal Krishna Advani, the man reputed to have rebuilt BJP from the scratch, is now a wounded soul. Sources say that before proceeding on a holiday to Kerala and thence to Puducherry, he had resolved to meet three top men in his organisation. To start with, the PM. But he was told that the PM is out on one of his frequently frivolous foreign formats of self-aggrandizement, so he could meet the PM only once he is back, till his next foreign detour, of course. Party boss Amit Shah, the second man in Advani’s list, also did not meet him, saying he is busy on internal tours across the country. Advani was assured that once the Boss was back, he himself would make a trip to Advani’s. And Nagpur said that since the RSS was holding one of its key sessions, Advani could wait, please.
Experienced as he is in the ingratitudinal ways of the political world, Advani realised that the party he had nurtured with his blood and sweat through those years of its being in the political oblivion is no longer his keeper.

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