Lalu’s wishes went unfulfilled

November 05 2012

If there is one person who is most upset with the Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre, it is Lalu Yadav, also considered Sonia Gandhi’s “mouthpiece”. He was really anxious to be a part of the Central Cabinet this time. Sources reveal that he let his expectations be known through several medium to Sonia Gandhi, so much so that he had even requested time to meet her. It is also being said that Lalu had sent Sonia a message that this time he was ready to contest the Lob Sabha elections along with the Congress. On his own, Lalu had given the offer to have the Congress contest 12 of the 40 Bihar seats but Rahul and Sonia didn’t relent. Rahul is especially against any alliance with Lalu for Bihar elections. Maybe that is the reason a leader of such repute didn’t get anytime to meet Sonia even before the swearing-in ceremony.

  1. Meka Says:

    That’s a cunning asnewr to a challenging question

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