Lal’s loss

July 20 2014

It isn’t ‘Achhey din’ for Modi loyalists yet. For instance, Bharat Lal, Resident Commissioner, Gujarat Bhawan, who was also considered to be the eyes and ears for Narendra Modi, who has suddenly come under the attack by a lobby of IAS, IPS and IFS officers in the PMO. Hailing from UP, Bharat Lal has a friendship with Modi that spans decades and during the last election campaign when Modi was busy with meetings, Lal in Delhi was busy trying to create a favourable pro-Modi atmosphere for the man amongst foreign journalists and the several embassies located in the capital. That is the reason why first the countries in the European Union and then the US changed their stance. When Modi government came to power, it was believed that Lal, along with Vikram Misri and Rajeev Tukru will be part of the Prime Minister’s team of personal secretaries. The surprising thing is that a room adjoining the PM’s chamber even had a nameplate put in Lal’s name but it was taken down the very next day. There were whispers that since Lal was from the forest services, he would find it tough to adjust in the PMO, and of Modi’s other two secretaries, Vikram Misri is from IFS and Tukru is an IAS. Vikram Misri may have to vacate his post because he has been appointed Indian Ambassador to Spain. Also, PM Modi isn’t quite all right with Tukru’s closeness with a Congress politician and so he has made up his mind to put Tukru on the backburner. On the other hand, Bharat Lal’s assistance Nilesh was also appointed with the PMO’s Information Officer Jagdish Bhai Thakkar. But there was no green signal for Bharat Lal – he is still having to sit in Gujarat Bhawan.

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