Ladwa’s labour pain

May 17 2015

Failure always calls out from behind, while success speaks from in front of you. Manoj Ladwa, who sharpened the 2014 election campaign for Modi, failed to sense which way the political winds were blowing in Britain. A resident of London, Ladwa had put all his clout behind the Labour Party and Ed Miliband; there was a time when the pre-election surveys indicated Labour Party was getting a slight edge. Due to Ladwa, several prominent BJP leaders had become acquainted with the Labour Party and were backing it. Several attempts were also made by the saffron party to get non-resident Indians on the side of the Labour Party. However, as soon as the people there gave its decision in favour of James Cameron and its Conservative Party, Ladwa has vanished from the political stage completely. No one knows where he is nowadays.

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