Kumar’s Saffron Gambit

May 07 2017

AAP party emblem of one time, Kumar Vishwas seems to have made up his mind about joining BJP. Last week he clearly dropped such a hint in an interview given to India Today. Party sources say that Vishwas had in fact made up his mind of quitting the party the very day when he had twitted after AAP’s terrible outing in Punjab last month. Apparently, Kejriwal had gotten his Personal Secretary Vaibhav Maheshwari to launch a bitter battle against Kumar on social media. Maheshwari said that leaders queue up to take credit for any poll victory, but shy away after losing them. Right after this, the entire E-Army of Kejriwal took to the social media amphitheatre. But even at that hour, Kejriwal did not move his little finger in Vishwas’ support. And like his former party colleague, Shazia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas too is using his party platform to join the BJP.

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