Khattar government saved by the thread

July 01 2020

The Congress, distressed after the fall of Kamal Nath govt in MP, started working on a strategy to take revenge on BJP and for this, Haryana was chosen as a target. The reins of this mission were handed to former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Once Hooda received green signal from the party high command, the senior leaders started an exercise to unite MLAs who are fed up of Khattar and his ministers. The highest resentment among the MLAs was about the working style of the Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala. It is believed about Dushyant that once a file reaches him, he holds it with him for a long time and thus nothing gets done. Such is his arrogance that he does not even listen to CM Manohar Lal Khattar. Since many important departments are with Dushyant, the execution of many schemes are also stuck. If sources are to be believed, Hooda was fast engaged in contacting the angry MLAs and at one time he got the support of 40 of 90 MLAs of the state. Before Hooda was able to fulfill his motives, a minister in Khattar govt, Chaudhary Ranjit Singh, who has two important ministries power and jail, got a whiff of Cong’s plan and immediately informed Khattar about the bid to destabilize government. As soon as BJP got idea of Hooda’s plan, they lured in 5 Cong MLAs, while on the other hand, Abhay Chautala did not give any special consideration to Hooda, so Khattar government was saved by a thread!

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