Khap leaders getting a taste of politics

September 27 2014

The Khap Panchayats have a lot of say in Haryana and even political parties have had to give in to Khap Panchayats. Seeing the way the existence of Khaps is being questioned for the past few years, several people belonging to the Panchayats have made a shift into active politics. Those such as Baljeet Malik from Gathwala Khap, Omprakash Dhankhad from Dhankhad Khap, Omprakash Maan from Jaat Mahasabha have turned into saffron politicians and have joined the BJP. Some women from the women’s wing of Khaps, such as Santosh Dahiya, who belongs to the Sarva Khap Panchayat, is going to contest the elections on INLD ticket. Sudesh Choudhury of Satrol Khap has joined the BJP. Several other Khap Panchayats have directly made an announcement that the political party that will support the issues that have been raised by the Khaps will get their votes. The Khap leaders have gotten to like the taste of politics at a time when it is finding it difficult to keep its identity intact.

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