Kejriwal’s so-sorry

March 26 2018

Ever since the Delhi High Court has given the clean chit to the 20 alleged ‘office-of-profit’ holding AAP MLAs, party head and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as an ‘icon of humanity’. Leaving behind all the differences, he has switched on his ‘sorry’ mode. And the story behind this sudden switch of nature is very interesting.

The beginning point of this transformation traces back to the recent past where a lawsuit was filed against Kejriwal in Punjab with regard to Majithia’s case and a date was scheduled for its hearing. Following this, Kejriwal rung up the Punjab AAP legislator Sukhpal Khaira to look into the matter and arrange a lawyer for his representation as his busy schedule wouldn’t permit him to be there. So Khaira made the required arrangements and a lawyer was sent to advocate Kejriwal in the case. After two hearings, a bill was received at Kejriwal’s end with a summation of Rs 6 lakh, seeing which the Delhi CM went into dizzy, at least that is what the sources tell.

Appalled at the huge bill, Kejriwal once again rung up Khaira – this time to inquire about the skyrocket fee of the lawyer. On this Khaira replied that the concerned lawyer’s actual fee is Rs 5 lakh per hearing, which he reduced by Rs 2 lakh exclusively, given Khaira’s reference.

Kejriwal was taken aback. He said, “I don’t have this kind of money that I can spend Rs 3 lakh a hearing. There are hundreds of such cases against me in courts, from where will I bring such huge amount? If it is a matter of mere my pride, I will apologise. It will not hurt the party in any way.”

So it was. Thus Kejriwal, from here onward, on-boarded the ‘sorry train’ on which his next stop, seemingly, is Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He is confident that Jaitley will be the bigger man here and forgive him.

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