Kejriwal Left in the dark

October 17 2016

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal’s journey from people’s movement to the seat of power, has been a rough ride. He has learnt many political lessons on the way. Kejriwal is well aware that most of the media houses under Modi’s influence. So instead of wooing media barons, he decided to woo the journalists working in these very media houses. He declared a year back in presence of his favourite journalists that it is his duty to ensure implementation of wage board wage board recommendations for them. He got one of his most reliable bureaucrats to prepare an affidavit on behalf of Delhi government keeping the interest of journalists in mind. Couple of days before the affidavit could be filed in the court, the secretary was transferred. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia got the competent bureaucrat, deputed to his ministry. Soon a new Secretary was appointed to serve Kejriwal. In a tearing hurry the new secretary amended the affidavit and submitted to the court. This affidavit was immediately accepted and acknowledged by the court. It also shocked Kejriwal’s favourite journalists. They were flabbergasted to find that the previous affidavit was changed to such an extent that the new one is entirely in favour of the media house owners. The journalists felt cheated and complained to Kejriwal for betraying them. Mea culpa! The Chief Minister realized all at once that the new secretary has changed the affidavit altogether. Immediately he got a fresh affidavit prepared and appealed to the court to acknowdge the new affidavit. The court accepted his plea. Kejriwal heaved a sigh of relief. It’s a classic case of right hand being unaware of what the left hand is up to. Before attempting to capture power in other starts, he needs to first put his own in order.

  1. Krishna Says:

    “…. aware that most of the media houses under Modi’s influence. ” ???? what kid of crap is this?
    If they are under Modi’s influence why the fcuk we see hit jobs at his govt EVERYDAY ?

    change it to AJ. not Modi. And AJ is congress mole in BJP. not sure why Modi keeps him. I guess some kind of compulsion.

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