Kejri’s one big mistake

February 28 2014

The  Hon’ble President caught a mistake made by Arvind Kejriwal, the then chief minister of Delhi for 49 days. The mistake also came to light only because Pranab da has been the nation’s finance minister in the past. The president asked the home minister for Delhi’s budget. The same question was asked by the home ministry to Delhi’s Lt Governor, who asked the same question of the chief secretary. And when the chief secretary wanted to know the same from the finance secretary, his answer was that the Aam Aadmi government had not asked him to prepare one. The chief secretary then asked where is the 300 crore that had to be given to discom companies without supplementary demand go? The answer was, “It was announced but there was no provision for it in the budget.” What happened to the subsidy and non-payment? then the answer came: It’s nothing but a press note. It is not even a decision taken by the Cabinet. 

  1. mahendra purohit Says:

    it was big mistake but the real fact was they were not even prepared to rule delhi it was decision taken in hurry and collapsed,they dont even know wht the word economy means,false promises can win one time but u cant fool ppl all the time

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