Kanishka’s position is secure

October 26 2014

Even those who have existed in politics because of the Gandhi family’s blessings have also their voices, thanks to the falling graph of the Congress. For instance, P Chidambaram is saying on TV interviews that the next Congress president might be a non-Gandhi. Those Congress politicians who found it difficult to reach to Sonia are now opening themselves up to her. Most of these people were seen to be complaining about Kanishka Singh, who is considered to be the eyes and ears of Rahul Gandhi. Sensing the negativity against him, the clever Kanishka has now tagged himself to Priyanka Gandhi and has now officially started working for her. So whether Rahul remains or Priyanka comes, Kanishka’s position remains firm.

  1. Krishna rao Says:

    All who remained with Congress so long have not done so out of loyalty to party, due to greed for positions and out of fear of exposure of their own misdeeds by the party in power. Now they are able to talk their mind.

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