Kailash couldn’t come up to mark

May 17 2016

It seems Kailash Vijayvargiya, who has emerged as the BJP’s new Chanakya, had the egg on his face in the Uttarakhand matter. He visited each MLA who was not in the BJP, and tried to cut deals with them. Harish Rawat had his people shadow these people intensively, so whoever’s house Vijayvargiya would go to, Rawat would follow. The same happened in the Madan Bisht matter. Rawat is also an ace at communication skills, and managed to get each and every MLA to his side. And thus, BJP’s game was ruined. Voices of dissent can also be heard in Uttarakhand BJP. For instance, the state’s senior BJP leader Bhagat Singh Koshyari called Vijayvargiya. Sources say Koshyari was upset that the BJP had lost face in public and this will impact the elections. To this Vijayvargiya tried to pacify Koshyari saying, “Please don’t worry; we have exposed the Congress as a corrupt political party, which will go to any extent to stay in power. He have shown Harish Rawat’s sting operation to prove it, and have shown the reality to public.” But Koshyari didn’t seem to buy the argument.

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